Somesha Na Britam Campaign




Britam Campaign


The Digital monkeys


2018 / 2019


Britam wants to reignite the conversation around taking up an insurance policy to secure your child’s education. We were tasked with crafting a promotional campaign around Britam’s education savings plans.

  • Generate leads for the campaign.
  • Generate leads for the campaign.
  • Increase audience engagement through strategies that increase interaction.
  • Position Britam Britam as a leader in the education planning conversation.

“The campaign delivered very good results.”
Jackie Mwangi

Strategy & Solution

We created a new brand identity for the campaign and simplified the lingo used while positioning educational policies.

The snapshot research done provided the opportunity to understand that majority of the intended Target Audience do not understand the products themselves, with relation to the returns vis a vis premiums for the uptake of the products.

To walk with the prospective buyer, we considered the approach to understand what they know about the benefits of taking on an education policy, and reasons why one would not take one.

Since they are many insurance providers competing for the same audience we focused on what the product would do in the context of parents and their children, while staying shy on education policy jargon

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